Hi, there! Welcome to my website!

Here you’ll find information about me on the Bio section — you can also download an updated version of my Curriculum Vitae over there. If you want to know a bit more about my compositions, and even read through some selected scores and listen to some of my music, make sure you check the Works section. My research involves the study of creative processes in music — something which I’m passionate about. I’ll be posting some texts and reflections on the subject on the Blogging about creative process section. If you want to send me a message, please check out the Contact section.

Please make yourself comfortable in navigating through this website. I hope you enjoy my work… and, please give a shout out in case you find something interesting!  😀


Lauro Pecktor


Random thoughts about music and math, science and sometimes legos…

Blog do Astrônomo

Astronomia, astronáutica e mistérios [???] por Eduardo Oliveira | XVI • XI • MMVI

Musica Kaleidoskopea

a kaleidoscopic view of music

Portal do Arquivista

Portal dos estudantes e profissionais de Arquivologia

The Clara Schumann Channel

Dedicated to one of the most influential composers and pianists of the Romantic Era.

History of Music Theory

SMT Interest Group & AMS Study Group

Liza Lim


Valsas solitárias

Relatos inconstantes que o tempo deixou para trás

Bruno Angelo

music | art

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